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1 Chris Williams USA 5600
2 Bobby Wyatt USA 5400
3 Justin Thomas USA 4600
4 Haydn Porteous South Africa 4000
5 Brett Drewitt Australia 3950
Schools Conf All
USC 8-0 11-0
UC San Diego 6-2 8-3
UCLA 6-2 8-3
Cal Poly 5-3 6-5
UC Santa Barbara 4-4 6-5
San Diego 1-7 2-9
UC Irvine 2-6 3-8
San Diego St. 0-8 0-11

Prague Spring Comes to Moscow

"A lot of people these days are finding parallels between the present and the 1930s, but the real connection I see is between the present and 1968."
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Chupacabra vs the Alamo


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